urine odor.....adhesions?

From: Jessica (jessicasusie@yahoo.com)
Mon May 1 21:49:55 2006

I have a question. About 5 years ago I had a miscarriage because of an ectopic pregnancy. I ended up having to have surgery....when I woke up the doctor told me I had horrible scar tissue, lacerations, and cysts on my uterus....from a c-section about 2 years before the miscarriage. (He "cleaned up/fixed" my uterus) Anyway, my problem now is that sometimes (about once a day) my urine smells BAD, like rotten eggs. I've been to the doctor for it and they've done numerous tests...when the tests come back with no problems they can't tell me anything. (And the smell is never there when I have a urine test)

So, my question is could adhesions/scar tissue be what is making my urine smell bad?

Thanks in advance for your responses

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