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From: Ms Lee (
Wed Dec 21 19:41:08 2005

At Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Ann Marie wrote:

That is great your reading up on the things we ALL have to be careful we do not acquire. The more eductation you get the better so that you have every benefit in the event you fall victim to a complete blockage and act quickly.

I do want to mention that all of us ARD folks have to be watchful for partial bowel obstructions as well. These are incomplete obstructions that can really be one awful experience.

I have had all xray/CT tests show nothing and when they last went in I had several high grade obstructions. Xrays do not always show how bad we have ARD disease. But, I had all the partial obstruction symptoms that NEVER correlated to lab or xray findings....

Research as much as you can on both these type obstructions. With so many misdiagnosis [IBS when in fact it was partial obstructions] I have made myself a large part of managing my own care with the Docs.

I am inoperable due to decades of surgeries and severe ARD, have 2 fistula's in the bowels, have partial bowel obstructions due to frozen bowel [adhesions] and I am 49.

Good news, pain management has allowed me to be more active and reclaim some quality of life.

I applied for SSN disability in August for ARD, and all my Docs/Surgeons are 100000% behind me, and after 30 years of misdiagnosis, and referals to psychiatry since they did not believe me, I can say....its has been one horrible journey but never give up!

If ever I can help anyone, please contact me :-)

Happy Holidays and You ALL are MUCH loved!


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