Re: Blockage

From: Debbie (
Thu Dec 29 22:13:54 2005

I wonder if you'd elaborate on the symptoms of a partial bowel obstruction?

At Wed, 21 Dec 2005, Ms Lee wrote: >
>That is great your reading up on the things we ALL have to be careful we
>do not acquire. The more eductation you get the better so that you have
>every benefit in the event you fall victim to a complete blockage and
>act quickly.
>I do want to mention that all of us ARD folks have to be watchful for
>partial bowel obstructions as well. These are incomplete obstructions
>that can really be one awful experience.
>I have had all xray/CT tests show nothing and when they last went in I
>had several high grade obstructions. Xrays do not always show how bad
>we have ARD disease. But, I had all the partial obstruction symptoms
>that NEVER correlated to lab or xray findings....
>Research as much as you can on both these type obstructions. With so
>many misdiagnosis [IBS when in fact it was partial obstructions] I have
>made myself a large part of managing my own care with the Docs.
>I am inoperable due to decades of surgeries and severe ARD, have 2
>fistula's in the bowels, have partial bowel obstructions due to frozen
>bowel [adhesions] and I am 49.
>Good news, pain management has allowed me to be more active and reclaim
>some quality of life.
>I applied for SSN disability in August for ARD, and all my Docs/Surgeons
>are 100000% behind me, and after 30 years of misdiagnosis, and referals
>to psychiatry since they did not believe me, I can say....its has been
>one horrible journey but never give up!
>If ever I can help anyone, please contact me :-)
>Happy Holidays and You ALL are MUCH loved!

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