Re: Saw my pain doctor for first time

From: Jawana Coleman (
Wed Dec 21 19:40:55 2005

Nuerontin helped me a lot when I started taking it. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is blurred vision. I was able to take it for 9 months before my vision was affected. Once I told the pain doc, he took me off of it entirely. I have a friend with RSV and she is taking it also - she has not experienced any of the side effects. I say go for it, and just be cognizant of the potential side effects. My pain doc mentioned the hypogastric block to me as well, but told me to read up on it before making a decision as the block is permanent. I was worried about it affecting the little bit of sex life I have left. LOL

At Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Lindy wrote: >
>I saw my pain management specialist for the first time this week. I
>have had pain issues after multiple surgeries on my abdominal and pelvic
>area for cystic ovaries.

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