Re: Adhesions forever

From: Ms Lee (
Wed Dec 21 19:41:44 2005

Bravo! We did not choose this disease but we can choose how we manage it so that we can balance our life and take advantage of good moments when they come.

Some people have had great success with adhesions surgeries, but I am like you, I am beyond repair and nobody will operate unless it is an emergency which I am quite thankful.

I had a wrong attitude with myself for decades, I always want that next operation to fix me and make it all go away. I get relief for maybe 1-2 years, put up with the problems and want that magically surgery to make it all go away again, it was one viscious cycle.

Now since I am 11 years since my last op, my attitude is different.

I realize I am adhesion full for life, nothing is going to help me, I have had way to much surgery and now have complications that showed up 8 years after last surgery [two fistula's between bowels].

I am OK with the reality of it, I stopped obsessing about having to be fixed, and migrated towards a total attitude adjustment to accept the ways things are.

It has taken me 4 years to step out of my self imposed restrictions, be pain managed and go back and live my life socially even tho I have to make adjustments to have socials.

My condition has worsened yet I am more active than ever, eat what I want even if it kills me and triggers some major pain....I go back and eat again.

That is when light went on in my head, Docs can only do so much, the rest is up to me. My losses were my caving in and willingness to stop enjoying them.

No more. I am as active as I can be even when things are bad, this disease has taken enough from me and it will have to fight my spirit to rob me of any more.

The lesson I was taught in a nutshell:

Where does the responsibility of medical management end and mine begin????

Everyone is different of course, just sharing my personal story.

>I have come back after several years to read the same stories over and
>over. Sorry guys, adhesions are for life. I have like everyone here
>suffered and suffered. Surgery will help for a while but for some
>people they (Adhesions) just keep coming back. Now my surgeon will not
>even touch me only if I have a life threatening bowel obstruction, which
>has happened. This illness is a disease like others and it does not
>just go away. I have coped with narcotic therapy, pain management and
>just getting through life.

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