Re: Chronic Pain - what should I do?

From: DT (
Fri Dec 16 17:38:36 2005

Hi Wendi,

I'm so sorry to hear your story - I have had similar experiences (and I'm sure many of our fellow adhesion sufferer's wll say the same) with the re-occurance of pain after surgery. It has always been due to the adhesions

returning. Antibiotics won't help (in fact, they may do you more harm than good in the long term). Pain medicine can help you cope with the pain, but only if you find the right combination. There are other medicines besides opiates which can help - but there are opiates that can help that are OK to take for a moderate period of time (up to a couple of years if it takes that

long for you to find a doctor/surgeon to help). You need a pain management Dr. who is willing to work with you trying different medications until you find the right drug (or the right dosage of a drug) that works.

The most important thing for you is DON'T GIVE UP! You have to keep advocating for yourself. The Dr. who advised you to have children right away sounds like a crackpot to me. That is NOT the answer. Work with Pain Management and take advantage of any counseling service they have available to help you deal with the emotional stress of your illness. You need to take care of yourself body and mind in order to cope with what you're going through. Keep trying to find a Dr. who has skills in applying the adhesion medicine (like Interceed) properly and then have another surgery to remove the adhesions. Then give yourself about 6 months to heal and see if you feel different.

Just don't give up. Best wishes...


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