Re: tired of doctors and no answers

From: Erdvinas (
Fri Dec 16 17:38:23 2005

Dear Rebecca,

I think you are quite right supposing of having adhesions. I have been having very similar symptoms for more then 12 years long. In January 2005 I had laparoscopic adhesiolysis procedure performed in Germany. After that I was told by surgeon that I had adhesions between liver, stomach and diaphragm. I understand what are you going through and problems of trying to find a doctor who listened to you, because I was in the same situation for very long time.

Wish you the best!

At Sun, 11 Dec 2005, Rebecca wrote: >
>I am having the hardest time trying to get a doctor to listen to me. I
>had my gallbladder removed in 8/04 after it became infected and had
>adhered to my stomach. I then had an adhesion removal surgery in May
>2005 and since september I have been having the following symptoms
>pain in the upper left side when laying down
>after laying down/when waking up I have chest pain and difficulty

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