Re: Medication for pain?

From: Ann Marie Endres (
Fri Dec 16 17:38:56 2005

Hi Dawn,

Please feel free to e-mail me directly. How much Methadone did you take? I found that it didn't work either. I have never tried Demerol. Basically I started out with 5mg of Methadone a day. I am currently taking10mg 3x a dayI think I syarted to feel a difference when I was taking 15mg. It was a slight difference. My doc wants me on Methadone alone. The Dilaudid he has me taking 5mg a day. One tablet, I ususally take at lunch time. He said he would rather me on the Actiq instead of Dilaudid. I use aboput 3 pops a day give or take. Some days less some more. I really only take what my body needs.

OK, you asked about the Actiq. Your probably have been yelling saying who cares about all that other stuff tell me about Actiq, lol.

Actiq is an (as it says on my package) oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate. The dosage I have is 400 mcg (I am not sure what mcg stands for). It is fentanyl base. Only for patients already taking opiods (narcotics) such as fentanyl or morphine. There is a website where you can find more information. For me it works well. You suck on it for 15 minutes at the most. The stick can be screwed off shortly after you put it in your mouth so that no one can tell you are taking it, if that is a problem. It's funny, my family really wants me off all meds but they want me off the Actiq the most. I don't know why and neither do they, but that is the one he increased on my last visit.

I hope I have answered some of your questions. Please feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Ann Marie

P.S. Taste isn't bad either

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