Re: low back pain

From: tami schneider (
Thu Dec 8 20:33:54 2005

Melody, Unfortunatly thats the way women with chronic pelvic pain and vulvodynia are treated as well.If they cant see it than it doesnt exsist.When you say you think you have adhesions in the back,have you had a prior back surgery?I have had 2 in the last year and a half.Each time I got adhesions.Although I researched for barriers after the first one there are no adhesion barriers for back surgery.After 1 months from my last back surgery the pain started again.Now im right back to the severe 24/7 pain I had prior to surgery.I had a MRI with IV gangliom(I spelled it wrong im sure)contrast.It showed Inflammation and adhesions.There offering me nothing.Im beddwridden, back to 24/7 suffering.Im very angery that they can leave me in this condition.I also suffer from chronic pelvic pain/vulvodynia.My whole lower tourso is filled with chronic pain. Good Luck,Tami

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> Sender: (Melody)
> Subject: low back pain
> Just wondering if anyone has had low back pain due
> to the adhesions.

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