Re: Advise for Surgery to Remove Adhesions (around my fellopian

From: Mark Thompson (
Thu Dec 8 20:33:14 2005

I don't know any more than what I've read, but if you have a lot of money $4500, you can go have some "body work" or "visceral massage" done by the "Clear Passage Therapy" people. They have four offices around the country. And make claims about helping open up (clear the passage) for fellopian tubes.

You can search the archives of this site for "Clear passage therapy" There's been some questions asked, but I don't think anyone here has said they were helped by these people. Maybe you'll find good testimonials elsewhere.

Good luck.

Mark in Seattle

>----- Original Message -----
> Sender: (Caron)
> Subject: Advise for Surgery to Remove Adhesions
> I have been diagnosed with severe adhesions blocking my tubes and
> throughout my abdomen making it imposible to concieve, My Dr. does not
> recomend surgery for this condition.

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