Re: low back pain

From: Mark Thompson (
Sun Dec 11 20:12:40 2005

Dear Melody,

Your doctors has every reason to be frustrated by your adhesions. As we all know, the treatment options are really terrible. There's not a lot of good news to be found in the medical journals. And sometimes, this lack of clear direction comes out as no clear direction at all.

Doctors don't like to treat pain. Most if not all pain drugs can be dangerous. However, inadequate pain management has been proven in court to be illegal. If you feel that your doctor is not treating your pain, you have a right to complain. If you want to get a lawyer involved to write a letter, I bet you'd get good response. (You might also really over-scare your doctor, which can hurt your relationship) If I were you, I'd just drop the phrase "adequate pain management" on your doctor. That key phrase should open up his or her prescription pad. It's also an excellent Search phrase for the internet, if you're looking for a lawyer.

As you say, I, too, feel better when I lay on my stomach. That's how I sleep. And pressing on my stomach is very helpful during the day. Sometimes I wear a "rib belt" (an elastic band with Velcro) around my tummy and put a small foam ball (a child's toy) in the band. The pressure helps, but not perfectly. Plus it looks ridiculous. But hey...

If I push on my lower back on the right, my symptoms get worse.

Mark in Seattle

P.S. Low back pain in the right side is a classic appendicitis symptom. You said it came on suddenly. I assume your doctor has ruled this out. It's so classic. And so dangerous if your appendix bursts.

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