Re: covered in adhesions

From: Dee (
Thu Dec 8 20:34:11 2005

At Wed, 26 Oct 2005, wrote: >Hi Vicki,

No you are not the only one, I also at the age of 17 started with endo, it was so bad that I lost at the age of 24 lost my uterus and both tubes, then a few years later they took both my ovaries, they were grown together and pulled down into the area where my uterus use to be and I had all my organs grown together, half the endo and half the adhesions. Then so many years later it was to the point I could not take the pain anymore and went to a surgeon and had every test known to man and then finally they agreed to do surgery and I had to have 2 within 5 months of each other because I had so much and so many organs involved, they also had to at that time take my appendix which were covered and good thing they did because they found a tumor growing inside the appendix. I have just written to that surgeon to request another procedure because I can't take this, it has been like this almost a year now which was only 2 years since my last surgery. I hope to hear back from him soon, the doctors here where I live have very little knowledge of this disorder and won't help me, they just try to cover it up with pain meds. Anyway I wanted to let you know that you are not alone, I was told the that I was one in a million also that gets it this bad and it just does not go away, hang in there, I know that is hard but remember you are not alone. Dee

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