Re: more frustration

From: Jawana Coleman (
Sun Oct 23 21:18:27 2005

Unfortunately they have to test you for everything under the sun before they decide it is "just adhesions." I too was diagnosed with IBS and sent for ct, mri an dcolonoscopy before being sent to a gastro doc. He prescribed Zelnorm, which I knew was contraindicated for people with adhesions. The gastro doc said that was silly. I said goodbye. When I told my gyn doc what happened, he finally quit putting me through the run around and costing me thousands fo dollars to find out what I already knew. Good luck.

At Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Melody wrote: >
>Just poting an update to my previous message. I went to my internal med
>dr yesterday after getting the CT scan results that shows "no acute
>findings - no reason for patients pain" now he says Ohm, your symptoms
>are similar to IBS irritable bowel syndrome) let's put you on a anti

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