more frustration

From: Melody (
Wed Oct 19 21:12:18 2005

Just poting an update to my previous message. I went to my internal med dr yesterday after getting the CT scan results that shows "no acute findings - no reason for patients pain" now he says Ohm, your symptoms are similar to IBS irritable bowel syndrome) let's put you on a anti depressant!! I refuse to take any anti-depressant and am completely insulted that he wants to label me with IBS - I do not have this!!! I have adhesions and since they cannot address that they label me with something else.....I am in constant pain and bloated all the time - any activity causes me more pain - I cannot exercise anymore - I have no energy - and I can barely eat anything of significance...I have three areas in my abdomen that are in pain - I am just so frustrated with this and even though I have been going thru this for 15 years I am just feeling so helpless - I was told yesterday that I am a "difficult patient and they cannot treat me" - I feel a little guilty for getting upset with the Dr but I was hoping this apparently sympathetic doc would want top work on my real issue - any way I just wanted to post my update.....any comments, suggestions, etc are welcome - anyone form the MN area know of a good doc???? So I am here waiting for something serious to happen to my internal organs and then maybe there will be some hope!!!


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