be sure to get rid of all the toxic

From: Julia (
Sun Oct 23 21:18:02 2005

I think that in order to avoid adhesions complications the patient has to keep track on his bowel movement. The complete cleansing of waste materials and parasites have to be done and keep it all your life. I was sure that I have no any parasites because I did not eat pork (I thought that pork is contaminated with worms and hormones) and tried to prevent any dirt. I was surprised very much when I saw the pictures what people cared in their intestines! How did they get that? After the parasites and bowel cleansing I also found myself filled with kind of worms and old waste materials (thanks to Dr.Natura website). I am not a doctor but is not that strange that official medicine does not pay attention to remove toxines and parasites from sick person before the surgery? Do they mind that toxins can be the source of fibrosis tissue growing or any surgery complications? Do everybody knows that average person in North America consumes just 3 g of fiber instead of 20 g per day?? We are full of toxic substances. At least people who have less of "garbage" in their body will have less after surgery complications. Is not that obviously? Is that has to be researched? Hear your precious body. Does you body need to be cut several times and feed by medicine, chemicals, radiation etc. or just it wants first to get rid of waist materials???


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