Re: current Adhesions, another lap?? Advice Please!

From: Jawana Coleman (
Sun Oct 23 21:20:03 2005

I know how you feel. I have the exact same problem. I had my last surgery in August and only got a week totally pain free (and what a great week it was) and 2 months until the pain started escalating expenentially. To lap or not to lap, that is the question...

At Wed, 19 Oct 2005, Winefirst wrote: >
>I have learned a lot reading on this great post, but I am having some
>problems and I hope that someone out there can help. I have had many,
>many laps over the years, first for endo and after hysterectomy for
>adhesions and recurrent endo. I felt great for 6 months after my last
>lysis of adhesions and excision of the remaining endo. Now the pain is
>back with a flare.

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