Re: Help - Serious chronic pain worse with nausea - 3 prior stomach

From: DT (
Sun Oct 23 21:11:04 2005

Hi Jawana,

I had surgery on 9/26 and currently I feel like I've been kicked by a cow. However, I just had a post-op appt. with my Dr yesterday and he said that way Interceed, Seprafilm and the Gel work is they begin to break down around

3-4 weeks post-op and their "anti-adhesion" mechanism starts to kick in. I am about 23 days post-op so I'm right in that period. He said that I should

expect to feel a lot of pain/discomfort and my stomach to swell (both are happening right on target) and that this inflammatory process will last from

4-6 weeks. He and I won't know until 3-4 months post-op if the Interceed worked or not.

I am still out of work (I went out in June) and I only have until December to get back or I'll probably lose my job. My Dr. said absolutely no work until I see him again (11/18). I hope by that time I'm doing better, but I've been battling these adhesions for more than a decade now and this was my 14th surgery.

Did you have any Interceed or Seprafilm put in? That could be the cause of your pain - the inflammatory process. Are you working or taking it easy? Are you still working with Pain Management?

I am working with Pain Management still because the pain is 10+ quite frequently and never goes below 8. I'll be with them for a few more months but I hope by the end of the year I'm pain and drug-free. That's my New Year wish anyway.

Let me know - or email me personally at if you want to talk to me directly.

Take care and I hopeyou are feeling better soon, DT

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Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 10:19 PM Subject: Help - Serious chronic pain worse with nausea - 3 prior stomach Sender: (Jawana Coleman) >
> Dt - How long ago was your surgery? Did it help? I had surgery in Aug
> and felt GREAT for about 5 days and then started sliding downhill again.
> I am having pretty bad pain now, 2 months later, and fear that it will
> only get worse. Hope yours went better. JC

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