Re: Adhesions after c-section 16 years ago?

From: DT (
Sun Oct 23 21:11:28 2005

Hi Beth,

I couldn't say for sure, but it sounds like it could be adhesions. You may have had the adhesions all along with no negative side effects until now because they weren't at whatever "critical mass" in your body needed to cause these pains. They may have only just begun adhering organs together recently, or you may have had smaller discomforts all these years and either

dismissed them as ordinary "growing pains" or monthly discomfort normal to all women. Any of these theories could be possible - adhesions are caused by surgery and are thought to be an auto-immune response.

The problem is, there is no test or scan in existence to confirm adhesions -

the only way is to have another surgery. Laprascopy is the best (through the bellybutton) if you are a good candidate for it because it will minimize

the chance of further adhesions. Try to find a Dr. with adhesion-experience

because general surgeons without experience can cause more problems than they help. The Dr. has to know about the two barriers we have available right now (Interceed and Seprafilm - the spray gel is only available in Germany right now). He/she has to know how to carefully take down the old adhesoins and apply the barrier correctly to give you the best chance for success.

Best of luck to you, DT

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> Has anyone ever heard of having adhesions from a surgery that happened
> 16 years ago?

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