pain won't go away

From: Faith (
Sun Oct 23 21:10:35 2005

I am 32 years old, have one son who is about to be 10 in a month. At 27 i had a hysterectomy because of endo and hospital stays every 6 months. They left my ovaries saying at the time "they are healthy and no need to remove them. I had very little pain in the years after until two years ago i had a sudden stabbing pain in my right side. They found a grapefruit size tumour in my abdomen and removed it along with my left ovary that had also become the size of a grapefruit. Although my right ovary is now the size of an orange, they decided to leave it because it was still "working". Since that time i have had pain in the right side that never really goes away. A dull ache at times and then stabbing. I had a lap done 6 months ago and they removed adhesions but said the ovary, although large and grossly mishaped was still working so no need to remove it. I know adhesions cause pain but this is getting unbearable.My doctor said i am producing to much estrogen so she has started me on a needle, problem is i am so tired now and still in pain that my family is also suffering. I am so sick of saying "i don't feel well". I know adhesions cause great pain but it seems that every time they go in to do something, i end up with more pain than the last. Over the last 12 years i have had 8 laperoscopy's,and 2 laperotomy's . Is there anything other than surgery that can ease the pain?

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