Help - Serious chronic pain worse with nausea - 3 prior stomach

From: EliseE (
Sat Oct 1 18:22:37 2005

Hi all. I'm new to this site and am really glad I found it. My name is Elise and I have had 3 stomach surgeries: 2 c-sections then after the 2nd they had to go in 6 weeks later because the hole that my baby came out of had reopened. Then they had to go in and put in plastic mesh in about 4x4 inches. They said it would feel like another c-section and I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days.

I've been dealing with alot of pain for the past 9 years, went back to the surgeon once about 5 years ago and he said I have no doubt that you have adhesions everywhere...on your uterus, ovaries, intestines, etc. but "we can't go in and remove any adhesions unless there is an intestinal obstruction". I deal with it with heating pad, norco, and just recently pamoral.

Anyway, so I've been dealing with some serious pain on and off and on a daily basis. The more active I am, the worse I get so I usually try to lay low. But, sometimes I can't help it because I'm an active person by nature. I've been walking regularly the past week for exercise and have been in a lot of pain which is right above my huge scar and the whole lower belly under the belly button. It feels very much like I just recently had a c-section but it also feels like I was socked in the stomach very hard. I usually deal with the severe pain with Norco (vicodin) but what's different this time is I'm having a lot of nausea where I think I'm going to throw up but I don't.

If I eat, it doesn't help. If I don't eat I feel like I have to eat. I'm also having BOTH constipation and diarreaha.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what is going on with the nausea and how you can tell if a partial obstruction is going on or not. I don't want to go to the doctor to be turned around like I'm some hypochondriac. But, yet, I don't want to ignore these symptoms if they are serious. I had to leave early from work 2 days in a row and don't know if I'll make it in tomorrow. My gut hurts so bad. I love my job and I'm the bread winner of the family and CANNOT afford to lose it.

Whoever takes the time to read this, THANK YOU!!!! Any advice is appreciated.


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