Re: Diet

From: Melody (
Sun Oct 16 11:37:43 2005

Hi Erin:

I have been dealing with adhesions for 15 years (I am 38) and have had 6 prior surgeries to remove them - My last surgery was in August of 2004 - in Feb of 2005 I went to the ER with horrible crampiong pain, bloating and nausea and vomiting - I was diagnoised with a partial small bowel obstruction - after 10 days of being doped up on morphine and being starved I was sent home with pain pills and told since it is due to adhesions they will not do anything. The surgeoon that did my last 2 surgeries said he would not touch me since he had just been in 6 months earlier - I was told to live with it and if it becomes a complete blockage they would do another surgery - well it's been 8 months of constant bloating, pain and intermittant nausea - I also experience pain when eating any significant portion of food - I have been seeing a internal med Dr. since Feb - I have been trying to stick to a low residue diet, avoiding raw vegetable, fruits and other foods that are not easily digested - I still have constant pain - I have been told that it could develop into a full blockage or just continue on like this - no one seems sure - About 3 weeks ago I started having bladder issues (symptoms of a bladder infection but no infection or improvement from antibiotics) and now the Dr. thinks the adhesions are now attacking my bladder - I went to a surgeeon this week and am waiting for my latest CT scan results - if they cannot see any serious issues with my bladder or other organs (unfortunatly the adhesions themselves do not show up on CT scans or xrays) they will not do any additional surgeries...The only advise I can give you is to possibly try the low residue diet....since I cannot eat a full meal I just snack on things through out the day - I use to exercixse regularly 3 days a week but since my pain has increased I cannot even do that anymore-I wish I had better adbvise for you - but unfortunatly I have not found the answer for myself yet....good luck to you.

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