Looking for a good doctor!!!

From: C.T. (cthornton55@hotmail.com)
Sun Oct 16 11:37:26 2005

Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Atlanta, GA area? My wife has adhesions from several surgeries but her current surgeon does not "feel comfortable" peforming surgery to remove them. Our family doctor and the first GI doctor we saw belives that the adhesions are the cause of her pain. She was referred to a General Surgeon to have a laproscopy done but he doesn't believe that the adhesions are the problem. We know that she has adhesions because she had a surgery in May and the Ob/Gyn told me that "adhesions were everywhere". Also, the first GI doctor performed 2 colonoscopies and had a "hard time" moving the scope both times. The surgeon referred us to another GI doctor who has, in his words "run every test I can think of". Now we're almost a year into this ordeal and are no closer to a resolution that we were before this all started. My wife has missed a lot of days from work and I've used all of my sick leave and vaction also. If anyone knows of a good doctor in Atlanta please give me his name. Thanks in advance.

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