Re: 10 years w/ adhesions and all that go with them...

From: DT (
Wed Oct 12 19:09:55 2005

Hi Bill,

I am sorry to hear your story - it's unfortunately true that women are not the only one's who get adhesions - we are predominently more affected but certainly not exclusive. Your life sounds like so many of ours and it is such an awful way to live - its not like "living" - its just existing day by


How long ago was your last surgery? I ask because there are two things out there now (Interceed and Seprafilm) - barriers that a skilled adhesion surgeon can apply during surgery after lysis of adhesions that have been successful in some percent of adhesion patients...even those with a long history of adhesion surgery (me = 11 so far no luck .. last failed surgery 2002 (2 surgeries 6 days from each other and #2 showed MORE adhesions than previous surgery #1). Just 10days ago I hads surgery again and surgeon used Interceed - my fingers/toes/everything are crossed).

If its been awhile since your last surgery, if you never tried these barriers perhaps there's still a chance for you. Can you tell me which Dr. at B&W said those things to you and when (year?).

Best of luck to you - but please don't give up. You've gone through hell but there's one more step out there I believe is there for all of us.


>---- Original Message ----- Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 9:59 AM > Sender: (Bill) > Subject: 10 years w/ adhesions and all that go with them... > > first, i'm a male, this doesn't just affect woman. i had surgery for a > ruptured appendix 10 years ago (august, 1995). spent 2 1/2 weeks in the > hospital, more surgery for a bowel obstruction that developed AFTER the > appendix surgery, then spent more time there as a serious infection > developed post-op. 3 weeks later and 42 pounds lighter i went home. 911 > type abdominal pain day after day until 6 months later (march, 96) > emergency surgery for a fully blocked bowel.

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