10 years w/ adhesions and all that go with them...

From: Bill (bmurphyman@comcast.net)
Sat Oct 8 08:55:46 2005

first, i'm a male, this doesn't just affect woman. i had surgery for a ruptured appendix 10 years ago (august, 1995). spent 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital, more surgery for a bowel obstruction that developed AFTER the appendix surgery, then spent more time there as a serious infection developed post-op. 3 weeks later and 42 pounds lighter i went home. 911 type abdominal pain day after day until 6 months later (march, 96) emergency surgery for a fully blocked bowel. you guessed it, adhesions. you can re-read the description of the first surgery and the second was basically exactly the same. since then i have lived with abdominal pain so bad that my life changed completely. i had been fully employed, coached high school baseball and football, coached national usa boxing, all of this stopped on the dime. i had further surgeries to lyse the adhesions all of which started with an attempt at laporoscopy - all of which required the same incision site used for the first two surgeries be used again. this site by the way started at the base of the center of my ribs-traveled down as far as you can go without changing my sex-and then traveled all the way over to the outside of my right hip. the last surgeon i spoke to from brigham and womans hospital in boston massachusetts told me never to pursue surgery again for the purpose of eliminating the adhesions as the damage is far to invasive. i was then told to seek therapy to aid in learning to live with the pain and find the best approach to pain management possible. i've since been to every major pain clinic in most of the new england area and all have come up empty including the possible use of every pump available. i've been on a pain medication regimen since then that is slowly killing every functional part of my body (mind and soul). i am on more medication than you could ever believe including 160 mg's of Oxycontin 3 times per day - and this is not the only pain medication i take. well, i'm now 48 and the sweetheart of my life has just left me. she always swore that this would not come between us but.... in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, till death does us part. i guess they was just empty words. I now have no options but to separate myself from all who remind me of my wife and two wonderful college age boys. i simply can't take the reminders of the way it was. I wish all who face this problem a far more successful run at it than i had. goodnight and goodbye.

Bill Murphy
New Hampshire
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