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Wed Oct 12 19:10:33 2005


Your Dr., a female Dr. who knows your history - has "forgotten them" since your last visit??

And the exam that she gave you - to be so rough during an exam in which you were clearly uncomfortable - and then to continue ... wow - I don't know how

you could return to her.

The remarks about adhesion usually presenting as masses in the abdomen show's a high level of ignorance. Yes, adhesive masses can result when an ovary gets wrapped up in scar tissue and other organs, but absolutely in no way does a "mass" HAVE to be present for there to be massive adhesions. Believe me - my belly usually stays as soft as a pillow but the adhesions I have are as dense and massive as they come.

There are MANY different types of adhesions and your Dr. needs to do some education herself. I don't mind so much a Dr. asking for information a patient has heard about regarding something new, but she needs some serious education in adhesions before she puts her hands on you again. You'd do well to print out some additional literature for her on types and presentation's when you do the deep tissue massage info.

Best of luck to you DT

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> HI everyone- I went to see my gyn. She took
> blood tests to test my estrogen levels. I am
> in the beginnings of Menopause and suffering from
> severe RA and osteoporosis, estrogen leaches the
> calcium out of my bones, specifically spine and hips.
> I tried to explain about the problems with adhesions.
> She did an internal, and I thought I would die. She
> is pushing and prodding inside and outside trying to
> find either ovary which is so tangled in scar tissue.
> She couldnt find either. Then she says, I am going
> to have to try and find them via rectal exam.
> She found them, but its a pity I didnt die,
> because I wanted to. She said adhesions usually
> present as masses in the abdomen, but since I was
> completely empty of food, that wasnt the case. I
> thought the fact that she couldnt find my ovaries
> by regular internal exam was enough of a sign that
> I had massive adhesions. I think she may have
> completely forgotten my case particulars since my
> last visit.

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