Re: adhesion removal from colon/rectal surgeon??

From: DT (
Sat Oct 8 08:56:18 2005


I don't know what difference it would make but I suspect colon/rectal surgeoon with experience in adhesions and barrier use (believe me - Dr.'s need to know HOW to use barrier properly for it to work) is good idea.

My opinion? Go for it. Its your small bowels involved and thats what you'll

have are bowel people. Endocrinologist prob. wouldn't be helpful.

Good luck to you - it is RARE to find Dr.s experienced in removal of adhesions and proper application of barrier.


> Sender: (chriztene) > Subject: adhesion removal from colon/rectal surgeon?? > > Have any of you had a good response with having your adhesions removed > from a colan/rectal surgeon? I had my GI appointment today and was > shocked he referred me to a colon/rectal surgeon who deals with adhesion > removal and uses a barrier. >

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