Re: Adhesion diagnosis/new visitor/help!!!

From: DT (
Sat Oct 8 08:54:40 2005


The only good thing about having Laparoscopy done to "look" for adhesions is

it's a very small procedure, produces very little scarring - you go home same day and it most likely won't contribute to your adhesions. It can ... so its still a risk, but in most it won't.

Biggest thing for you is if your not sure of having surgery right now don't. If you aren't having pain you can't live with - if what's happening to you isn't interfering with you normal everyday activities, then skip the surgery for (my opinion only). Do what is best for you.

Lastly, adhesions different for everyone. No one standard "way" for person to tell if its adhesions or endo or fibroid unfortunately. Worst problem is

that there is NO other way to tell if its adhesions other than surgery.

Best of luck DT

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