Re: NEW USER: Need Information on Adhesions to consider Surgery

From: Ann Marie Endres (
Sat Oct 8 08:46:22 2005

I am 38 and been in pain for 5 and a half years. When I have had surgery I get 3 months of relief and then it starts up again. I am currently trying to figure ways to deal with it with pain medication instead of more surgery. The more surgery you have, the more adhesions can form. I finally have come to the conclusion that this is my life and at this point in time there is no cure.

I had a hysterectomy 5 and a half years ago when my son was born and then an oopharectomy 3 years ago. This past April I had "spring cleaning" surgery. Everything was cleaned out, all endo and all adhesions. Did not have adhesions pain for 3 months. Then 3 months to the day the pain started. Surgery was 4/22 and pain started up on 7/22. Unfortunately the 3 months without adhesion pain I was dealing with pain from an open wound. The incision got so infected that the wound was open for 8 weeks and I had a nurse coming to the house. I didn't realize I had an infection. I went to my regular doc for a rash on my legs. He wanted to see the incision. Thank God he did. He sent me immediately to the ER. If I had waited another 24 hours I wouldn't be typing this very long response. I can't help you make the decision. All I can tell you that I know there are times (like now) in my life when I would not have surgery. Then there are times when the pain is so bad. (Like in April) that I would do anything even for 3 months of relief. It is a decision only YOU can make for yourself. How much pain can you tolerate.

Whatever you decide, my prayers are with you.

Take Care, Ann Marie

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