Partial bowel obstruction

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With my experience I ran a low grade fever, felt nauseated most of the time and on occasion would vomit. I wasn't able to eat large meals and would have a bowel movement about every 4-5 days. The bloating was terrible and there was pain involved too. The stool looks very "skinny" if that makes sense. No one believed that this was a partial bowel obstruction. The nurses and doctor's kept saying how sick i would be too the point of hospitalization. Well, i had a surgery and they found three partial blockages, the intestines sort of tied in knots. From experience, most do not want to do surgery until your in really, really bad shape as of course additional surgery causes more adhesions.

It's a never ending story! I wish you luck!

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I had lap 2 hernia repair 3 months ago with a 4X6 piece of mesh.Surgeon said not many adhesions.

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