Re: GYN Update

From: Ann Marie Endres (
Tue Sep 27 22:00:41 2005


I hope you don't mind me e-mailing you directly. The link for the therapy did not show up in your post. I am not familiar with it at all and of course if there is something else to try I would love to look into it.

OMG. I too have had exams like that. I agree with you, what are they thinking. Sometimes I think these docs have no feelings or could care less about us. My previous gyn (who diagnosed me with adhesions, then decided I was asking for pain pills only because I was addicted and not in pain) did the same thing to me. I was in bed for about a week. Left his office hysterical crying. The nurses saw me crying. Was not standing straight up walking to my car. Drove myself home and went to bed for about a week.

I have a heating pad by my bed and sleep with it practically every night. The pain from the exam is not in your head. To bad the docs couldn't feel just a little of what they put us through, lol.

Take care.

Ann Marie

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