gallbladder surgery adhesions?

From: Nancy (
Sun Sep 25 20:31:20 2005

I'm SO glad to find this website! I have been in terrible pain the last few weeks and a friend of mine suggested that adhesions may be the cause. I'm 58 and had a hysterectomy 20 years ago. Then removal of the 1 remaining ovary because of a cyst. That was followed by another surgery to remove remaining ovarian tissue that grew back. The a year ago I had emergency gall bladder surgery for a ruptured gall bladder. I was caring for my mother at the time and the surgeon felt that my after surgery pain was aggravated by twisting, turning and lifting my mom. A CT scan at the time indicated everything was fine and with rest the pain went away. A follow-up MRI in April also indicated everything was normal. Then in July the pain returned with a vengence. My pain is exactly what a lot of you have been describing. I will be reading more of your letters to find out what seems to help you deal with this problem. Thanks.

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