Re: What to ask a surgeon when you go for a consult?

From: melissa price (
Sun Sep 18 18:19:33 2005

Robin, Do you know if this is used anywhare in the U.S? I am now in so much pain, I am concidering having another surgery just to releave some of the pain. My life is comsumed by it, It runs my life.

My life consists of taking my girls to school, sense that is all I do with them outside of my home. I take LOTS of meds. I do not want to have another surgery, yet at this point I would probably do anything. I lay in bed or on my couch, if it is a good day, and looking on the computer for any kind of answer. I have had 29 surgeries in my life, about half were laps, the other were full blown open 9in. cuts. I need help, and if I need to travel outside of us I will, but would rather stay in the States if possible, I live in Illinois if anyone can help with pain dr..names, dr.names.

Thank you. I am very anvious of your painfree life, I hope it continues.


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