Re: The tugging pain has returned

From: Veronica (
Sun Sep 18 18:18:50 2005

Why don't you go back to the doctors who know you and removed the adhesions last time? Do you think they were good at their job when they did it? With new technology since 2000 they may be able to completely eliminate them. Apparently they are top adhesion specialists I only wished I lived nearby to see them! My doctors won't even attempt to remove mine as they say it will make me worse but I've heard good stories about your surgeons.. Let me know how you get on.. get something done don't just stay on pain killers... Regards and God Bless..

At Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Ron/Barbara Paul wrote: >
>My wife has had SEVERE tugging pain above her navel (IN THAT ONE SPOT
>ONLY) on an off for the past 10 years. Eating anything makes it worse.
>She has had 4 laproscopic surgeries, the last being with Drs. Reich &
>Redan in 2000.

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