Re: What to ask a surgeon when you go for a consult?

From: Robin M (
Wed Sep 21 21:46:44 2005

Dear Melissa, No Spray Gel is not being used in the US yet. Maybe one day it will be FDA approved. But then, you will still have to find an experienced lap surgeon. The 2 years prior to my surgery, I was in bed all the time. I was on 3 strong pain meds and some other stuff too. I would have more pain walking the 10 feet to the bathroom. I didn't shower much because by the time I got up, got clean PJs, & got undressed, I had so much more pain. I sat in a chair to shower because I just couldn't stand up any longer. I couldn't even get up to eat. My husband would serve my meals to me in bed. If he didn't come home at lunch, I usually didn't eat. If I was hungry, I would make it to the kitchen & got myself a bowl of cereal. Now I do most of the cooking.

More surgery with an inexperienced surgeon can make your adhesions worse, just becareful choosing a surgeon.

I think that if you can afford to go to Germany, it is your best chance in becoming adhesion free. robin M

At Sun, 18 Sep 2005, melissa price wrote: >
>Robin, Do you know if this is used anywhare in the U.S? I am now in so much
>pain, I am concidering having another surgery just to releave some of the
>pain. My life is comsumed by it, It runs my life.

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