Re: adhesesions

From: Jawana Coleman (
Sun Sep 18 18:19:54 2005

Dawn - I no longer have PMS symptoms because of the hysterectomy but do have a terrible time with trapped gas. There is nothing more painful than having gas trapped near adhesions. I just had surgery in Aug and was told that my adhesions were not as bad as the previous surgery but the endo was much worse. All was removed and I was pain free for about 4 days and then started feeling punky again. When gas gets trapped it feels as if the adhesions are back and pulling and twisting just like before. I can see why some people mistake gas pain for a more serious problem, like a heart attack. I take Gas-x and it helps sometimes. Good luck and take care.

At Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Dawn wrote: >
>Hi All,
>I have adhesions to,due to a hysterecomy. My story is pretty much the
>same as all of you. I do have a question though..... Has any of you
>had the pain calm down to where all you needed were a couple of asprins
>and a mussle relaxer except for one day a week?

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