Re: post-surgery pain

From: Anita Rivera (
Wed Jul 13 20:35:57 2005

At Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Pam wrote: >
>"I just want to know what to expect and thought some of
>you "experts" might be able to advise me. Thanks so much."

It's difficult to say. Everyone is so different. I see that people's pain often worsens and others who say theirs stays the same. Honestly, I have good days and bad days . . . it all just depends on you. That's one of the bad things about having adhesions . . . you just sort of wait and see. The unknown is terrible. It's been two years since my last adhesion surgery and if everything stays like it is right now I won't have another one. I've been able to manage keeping my pain levels at about 3 with only occasional spikes. Then again, I'm not dealing with the nausea, crampy pain like a lot of these folks are. Mine is more tightness, pulling, and "nervy" pain. Good luck.


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