Re: post-surgery pain

From: Valerie Jones (
Wed Jul 13 20:36:57 2005

Dear Pam; It is very difficult to say what your adhesion future will be. It depends on what God has planned for you.

Personally, I have had 6 surgeries for my adhesions, 2 Pelviscopies, a Hysterectomy/Appendectomy, Gallbladder removal, Ectopic Pregnancy, and a Laparotomy in January of this year. So far the adhesions have returned every time. However, I have heard from other fellow adhesion sufferers that different procedures have worked for them and are living pain-free lives. I have also heard from other sufferers who, like me, could have this disease until a cure is found, or for the rest of our lives. I am so grateful that I have my faith and hope in God and in our Lord Jesus Christ. This has helped me to get through it all. I pray for strength and courage for you. Take care and God Bless. From a fellow sufferer. >
>Sender: (Pam)
>Subject: post-surgery pain
>I had surgery for pelvic adhesions May 27 and have no more digestive
>problems, which is wonderful.

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