Re: Need advice

From: Valerie Jones (
Wed Jul 13 20:36:09 2005

To "Need advice"; I have also been suffering from chronic pelvic adhesions for many years and I have had 6 surgeries to-date including 3 different C-section type incisions. The first was for an ectopic pregnancy due to adhesions. Then years later after having had a Pelviscopy, I had a Hysterectomy/ Appendectomy. During these surgeries Ringers and Intergel had been used on my remaining organs, but to no avail. Then I had a second Pelviscopy and the surgeon tried using a laser to lyse the adhesions, but again to no avail. Then, I had a Laparotomy, (hip to hip), incision to once again attempt to get rid of the adhesions and this time the surgeon put 2 large sheets of Interceed on my remaining organs. That was last January, and

once again the adhesions have come back. The good news for you is that sometimes these techniques DO work for some women. I continued having surgeries because the pain got so bad that I knew that my insides were in bad shape. After my last surgery, the surgeon told me that my intestines had

been kinked by the adhesions and that I would have had to have the surgery anyway. I have not had Seprafilm used on me but perhaps I will try it for my

next surgery when the times comes, (unless the Good Lord decides to cure me). Thank God that I have the faith and hope in the Lord that carries me through these trials. Of course, being human I still have my "pitty-Patries"

from time to time, but when I do I just pick up my Bible or turn on worship music to soothe me. Anyway, I suggest that you do not give up hope. I know that surgery can be very scary, but you do not know if a procedure will work

for you unless you try. I pray for strength and courage for you. Take care and God bless!

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