Re: post-surgery pain

From: Rach (
Wed Jul 13 20:31:36 2005


I think each person is different, & each surgery can have different results. I have had some relief from most of my surgeries (I have had 14 or so). But the last lap only gave me 3 weeks completely pain free. Then again, even with only having 3 weeks COMPLETELY pain free, it has taken 9 months for me to get back to the dose of meds I was on before my last lap. I don't know what I would do if I didnt have a lap, just keep uping my pain meds? I am already on such high doses that I get admited post-op just to control my pain.

I would assume that the adhesions will come back. I think you have to enjoy every day that you can & face the pain as it comes. Working with a good pain med doc can help you get relief.

Good luck & I hope you have a pain free day.


At Mon, 11 Jul 2005, Pam wrote: > >I had surgery for pelvic adhesions May 27 and have no more digestive >problems, which is wonderful.

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