Re: Narcotics & Constipation

From: Valerie Jones (
Wed Jul 13 20:32:20 2005

Dear Jen and Kelly; Hello. My name is Valerie and I received your E-mail through Adhesions@Adhesions.Org. regarding narcotics and constipation. I have been an adhesions sufferer since 1978 and I have gone through 6 surgeries to remove these "little aliens".

The adhesions have returned every time no matter what the surgeons have done and I have been losing my organs to this disease as well.

I have suffered severe constipation especially in the last 4 years, sometimes caused by narcotics, (and I have tries many), and sometimes from the adhesions being wrapped around my intestines.

There are a few products that I have found helpful. One product is called Lactulose which is a semi-thick liquid of which I would take every morning. This product is by prescription only and can be obtained from your doctor.

Recently my doctor recommended to me that I begin taking a fiber supplement so I went to the drug store and bought Metamucil. This product also seems to

be helping. Of course these products do not remove all constipation and discomfort every time I use them but I have found them to be helpful quite often. I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you.

Take care and God Bless. Your fellow sufferer, Valerie.

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