Re: My Update - from Rach

From: Melissa Price (
Wed Jul 13 20:31:20 2005

Rach, I don't think you are making a mistake, like you said a few months of less pain is better than a few more months in content pain. I too have to have another, mine will be in August. I really don't think there is a right answer, It has to be what ever is right for you and your family, that is how I have to look at it. Having a hysto is not always the answer, I have had one when I was 26 and 28 surgeries later there is no change. I still go threw all the pain, the adhesions still come back every 3 months, like clockwork, so having a hysto is not always the answer, unless it is the right one for you. I hope things go alright for you. Please keep us informed.

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Sender: (Rachel) Subject: My Update >
> After a constant increase in my pain & my pain meds,
> I have decided to go for another lap.

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