Re: adhesions

From: Colette (
Fri Feb 18 07:59:37 2005

Hi Kiersten, I have also suffered adhesions real bad for 4 years. I had surgery in Sept. 2003 2 of then back to back, and nearly lost my life!

I also am living in constant pain, and I go to pain management! The only thing they can do is get you on the right doses of meds, to help alleviate the pain. Pain management has more pull on what drugs they hand out than your family doctor. And they know how to deal with these type of problems.

And it seems like all these doctors like handing out depression medication, that is there first answer, because they have no idea how to handle or situation! My PCP gave me prozac and i became more depressed on them and was more suicidal , Istopped taking them and was better off. Yes I still get depressed because i am so tired of living like this. But I really think it is a normal response, after all look what we live with!

I have found that pain management has helped and they are more sympathatic to the cause! Maybe it would not hurt if you just gave it a try! God bless! Love, Colette

At Tue, 15 Feb 2005, kiersten wrote: >
>I have had five surgeries to cut down my adhesions.
>My last surgery was October of 2003. Since this time my adhesions have
>returned and I am living in constant pain.

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