From: P J Hunt (
Fri Feb 18 08:04:16 2005

I am so very frustrated with the entire medical profession.I've had numerous surgeries, both abdominal, as well as four spinal fusions. Now, I'm not only in constant pain from my failed back syndrome as the call it, but I'm totally miserable in that I can't eat without hurting, either my GERD or can't have BM's without major help.

I've been to drs begging for help, but the minute they see I'm on pain meds, thay's the answer to them..even if I tell them I don't take them all the time. The dr I saw last week told me the constipation effect would last several weeks or a couple of months after getting off pains meds and if I took a couple during that time it would affect me bowels.

I literally cry and try to explain to them that I know something is seriously wrong ! I have no feelings in my lower bowels, there is no peristalsis. Even if I'm having a diahrea problem my bowels still will not evacuate, and that makes me miserable. I don't like to eat anymore at all.. from the time I put food in my mouth it does nothing but cause me pain.

How do I get a doctor to really hear me and help me? The last 2 times I've had a colonoscopy, the stuff they give you to drink, took hours before it started working and I was not cleaned out for either test, but the drs did the test anyway.It really worries me that something could go wrong and I would never know it because of the way I'm ingored by the medical profession. I'd appreciated any help or suggestions you may have. Thank you in advance, p j hunt

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