surgery and hope

From: Karen S..H. (
Fri Feb 18 07:52:24 2005

Dear friends, I last wrote in October when I found out that I needed to have surgery for severe endometriosis and scar tissue. When they opened me up to perform a hysterectomy they found that my colon , bladder and uterus were all attached to each other.and the urethra was tangled up in tissue. The ovaries and tubes could not even be seen. Three surgeons agreed to sew me back up and get me a specialist. When I posted that note I felt very alone but I heard from several lovely people who helped me understand what the road ahead would be like.

I feel for those of you who are frustrated , depressed and angry. I pray for you to find solutions for your pain and a higher power to lift your spirit.

On Thursday, after carefully selecting the hospital and surgeons , I will be operated on. The doctor plans to complete the hysterecomy.

remove part of the colon and resect it, detach and repair the bladder .

It is a tall order and I pray he can do what he hopes to.

I am going into this with optimism because it is the best way to start myself towards a positive outcome. For those who are just beginning to seek help I urge you to educate yourself and do what is right by you. You are not alone.

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