Re: To have surgery or not

From: Marian (
Fri Feb 11 22:56:44 2005

At Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Christine Petrie wrote: >
>Hi Everyone,
>I have a problem with adhesions, having suffered for years with Endo.

I am sorry that you are going through this. I always get doors opened for me, people stopping to let me cross the street, and people asking if they can carry my groceries to the car---all because I look pregnant due to 3 open surgeries for hyst and to remove adhesions. I do look pregnant. I am going to see a chronic pelvic pain specialist on the 25th and hope I can get some relief there. Right now I am on MS Contin twice a day and percocet 4 times a day and it is only taking the edge off, but only if I don't do a thing! When I get home from the store, I am in tears from pain. I can't work and I am filing for disability. If this doc won't help you, you need to keep looking until you find one that will, even if it doesn't mean more surgery. You need some relief from your pain and I hope you find it soon. Please let us know what the surgeon tells you. Good luck!


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