I just found out out how bad my adhesions are

From: Michelle (mshell4762@aol.com)
Fri Feb 11 22:57:32 2005

I'm new here and don't really know how this board works. I had a TAH in June of 2003, and have been in pain ever since. My gyn scheduled a laparoscopy this past Tuesday to have a look and remove adhesions.

When she got inside she saw that they are wrapped around my small and large intestine and my large intestine has fused to my right ovary. They are present on my left side also but I don't have any pain or other symptoms on that side. She left it alone, because I need to go on a liquid diet and antibiotics before she tries to remove them incase my bowel gets perforated or she has to remove a section. I'm scared silly not only because I remember all too vividly the pain I was in after the hysterectomy, but also I fear the adhesions recurring. My DR is going to use barriers, but I have read that they aren't always effective in preventing them. I just don't know what to do, live with the pain and limitations or take the gamble of surgery. I would like to hear what the statistics are for recurrence and severity or alleviation. I would feel much better about the gamble if I knew the percentage of success.


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