Re: To have surgery or not

From: Christine Petrie (
Tue Feb 15 17:40:00 2005

Thanks Marion,

I have been to the surgeon today and I now have Buscopan for the pain.

He does not want to operate at the moment as the operation could be quite big as the small bowel is sitting rather low and not where it is meant to beand will need to be moved from its current positon. Probably stuck to the abdomanl wall. I have an xray form to use next time I get an obstruction so as he can see where it is actually obstructing and then he can deal with it.

Basically he does not to disturb things any more than he needs to. He was really understanding and listened to me burble on for ages. I felt alot better when I came out. Although the thought of major surgery does make me worry. I will keep you posted.

There have been some kind and thoughtful advice coming through about different surgeons but I am in New Zealnd and they are on the otherside of the world. the surgeon I have seems to be swithched on though.

I am glad to hear that I am not alone with my pregnant looking stomach.

I must admit I do enjoy the look on peolpes faces when I tell them that actually I am not pregnant, although at time it really does get me down.

Regards Christine

At Fri, 11 Feb 2005, Marian wrote: >>I have a problem with adhesions, having suffered

for years with Endo.


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