Re: Help Please I am Scared

From: Marian (
Fri Feb 11 22:56:25 2005

Sharon, That doctor had no right to talk to you that way! That is crazy! Did he not see the surgical reports from all your surgeries? I hope that you find someone that can help you. You have to be your own advocate in this process. Why not try calling Medicaid and asking them if they know of any adhesion specialist in their plan, get them to help you. I find it hard to believe that the doc that is giving you the pain meds is getting reprimanded for it by Medicaid.

Get a copy of all your surgeries and records relating to this and start searching.

Good luck to you and please let us know how you are doing.


At Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Sharon wrote: > >My Name is Sharon >I have been dealing with Adheasion problems for about 15 yrs now I have >them all over my intestines which has cause me to have so far 18 Small >Bowel Obstruction Surgies After the last one I was told by the Head of >the GI dept of a Major Univ Hospital that there was nothing more that >could be done for me and that I was not worth the cost of the TPN ( it >is a iv feeding ) that I was on to try and put the bowels at rest and >stop the obstruction also that it was all in my head and all I wanted >was the Drugs .

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