Help Please I am Scared

From: Sharon (
Thu Feb 10 08:32:11 2005

My Name is Sharon I have been dealing with Adheasion problems for about 15 yrs now I have them all over my intestines which has cause me to have so far 18 Small Bowel Obstruction Surgies After the last one I was told by the Head of the GI dept of a Major Univ Hospital that there was nothing more that could be done for me and that I was not worth the cost of the TPN ( it is a iv feeding ) that I was on to try and put the bowels at rest and stop the obstruction also that it was all in my head and all I wanted was the Drugs .

I have also had about 10 other abdomial surgies other then the obstructions .

I have been going to a wonderful Dr that has been just treating the symtoms and the chronic pain . Now since I am on medicaid and the state is paying for my meds they are not complaining about the meds he is giving me and they say that chronic Abdomial pain does not need pain meds He is scared so now he is taking me off the pain meds because he says ( he has a family to think of ) we have cut down on them alot but we are at the point that I can not handle it going any lower .

He has arranged for me to see a new Dr at Columbia Univ Hospital to see if there is any new treatment that can be done. My appt is Wed Feb 16 and I am scared Where can I find the information I need to show the new Dr or is there a name of a Dr that she can talk to that can give her any help in treating me . I can not go back to the way I was before I was not even living the constant pain was too much to bare . If anyone has any help or information for me please email me at or you can IM me

Sharon Harris

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