Re: can ANYONE pleeeeeeeease help me???

From: Margaret (
Fri Feb 4 20:52:55 2005

When there is a lot of scaring in there sometimes its hard to identify what you're seeing on an ultrasound. Did you get a copy of the ultrasound report to see what the final consensus was on your ovary total? Have you had an abdominal CT scan or MRI with contrast?

Those might show things up a bit better. Have you had a CA-125 test? Depending on what, exactly, is causing ovarian cysts, birth control pills do not always work (you've noticed this!).If you're not trying to preserve your fertility, there are other options but you'll need to talk to your doc about the risk/benefit.Some treatments are pretty scary in the side effect dept. They've got some literature on cysts they can send you from the National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC) at 1-800-994-9662 if that's any help. I don't know about support groups, but maybe they would.

Ovarian cysts can be really painful and difficult to treat. Maybe the NWHIC can give you some ideas about what to consider next, or at least a better picture of what is going on....


she said I DID NOT have >a right ovary. but when I went for the last ultra sound for this left >cyst that was bothering me (ALOT!) the ultra sound tech said I DO have >a right AND a left ovary because I have a cyst on my right ovary, and >TWO of them on my left!( one on the outside of my left ovary and the >other on that same side is INSIDE my ovary) so who is right.. I dont >know...nor do I know how many ovaries I actually have!

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